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The Sr/Jr High School as it looked during the 1957/1958 school year.

Junior Class Members: There will be a Junior Prom Committee meeting on Tuesday September 29th at lunch time in the lecture hall.

There will be a senior class meeting with Jostens on today
 at 1:15 pm in the Library.  All senior class members need to attend.

The PSAT will be held on Wednesday October, 14 ~ starting at 8 a.m.  All sophomores will take this test.  Please get a good nights’ sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and be to school on time.
The Life Touch Photography will return on Thursday, October 15th; all senior class members need to have a photograph taken. These photographs are the ones used for display of the Graduated Class of 2016. 

Expanding your Horizons announces their 22nd Annual Conference on Saturday, October 17th at the Centralia College Campus. Informational-Registration forms on office counter.

Morton Dance classes will be held every Monday at the Tiller Center for students ages three to teens.  You can sign up at

One of the goals of Morton Jr/Sr High School is to provide multiple effective forms of two way communication. In order to help this, we have established a form for you to provide your thoughts, suggestions, comments, etc to the school. The goal is to use this feedback as we continue to plan and make changes insuring the success of all of our students.

    In order to improve communication with the parents and community, Morton Jr/Sr High School will be using REMIND which is a communication tool that utilizes either text messaging or email modes of communicating reminder, important information, miscellaneous information, etc. In order to subscribe, simply click on the link below at and subscribe using either your cell phone number or email address based on how you would rather receive information.
    Your contact information will remain confidential and only used by the school in order to send out pertinent information. Our hopes is to help communicate the day to day lives of our students and school community with the entire parent community in an efficient way. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mr. Stoney at the high school office.

Upcoming events:
Oct.       1  HS volleyball at Pe Ell
                 JH football vs Rochester (at Randle)
             2  HS football at Wahkiakum
             3  HS junior varsity volleyball tournament (at Morton)
             5  JH volleyball vs Toledo (at Morton)
             6  HS volleyball vs Mossyrock (at Morton)
                 JH & HS cross country at Adna
             7  JH volleyball at Winlock
             8  HS volleyball at Onalaska
                 JH football vs Rainier (at Morton)
             9  HS football vs Mossyrock (at Randle)