This page is the location where educational resources will be uploaded by our staff for students and families to use during the school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each week staff will provide videos and documents that can be utilized with your students to help them stay engaged during this unprecedented time.

5th-12th Band - Mr. Nelson

7th-12th Weights - Mr. Dayton

7th-8th Mathematics/Science - Mrs. Wright

7th-11th English - Ms. Moorcroft

7th-12th Special Education - Ms. Browning

7th-12th Spanish - Mrs. Haselwood

7th-12th History/English - Ms. West

7th-12th Business - Mrs. Browning

7th-12th Shop - Mr. Metcalf

7th-12th Alternative - Mr. Westling

7th-12th Life Skills - Ms. McCully

9th-12th Mathematics - Ms. Frahm

9th-12th Ag. Sciences - Mrs. Hanger

Alternative- Mr. Westling 

Jr. Sr. High Vice Principal- Mrs. Hayden