Annual Public Announcement of Notification Process (WAC 392-170-042)

Annual notification is made through the front page of the district website, district publications,\ individual school publications, and/or emails to parents. Anyone can refer a child for assessment. A person can refer a student for assessment for placement in the highly capable program by completeing a nomination form. Students may refer themselves. Nomination forms may be downloaded at the bottom of this page or from the district office.

Referrals for testing for participation in Morton's Highly Capable program for the current school year are currently being accepted. Anyone can refer a student including parents, teachers, other students, and members of the community.

Morton's Highly Capable program is designed to address the needs of highly capable students in grades K-12. Your school has information explaining the program options, curriculum, identification process, and the schedule for testing.

Students not previously screened or nominated will be screened by October 10th, 2015 for possible placement in this current academic school year. All referrals are due to the district office by September 30th, 2015.

Nomination Process (WAC 392-170-045)

Nominations are accepted based on data or evidence from teachers, other staff, parents, students, and members of the community. Nominations must use the district's nomination form to nominate a student and be considered for admission into the program.

All nominations must be received in the district office by September 30th, 2015. Students new to the Morton School District must apply by September 30th, 2015, or within two weeks of entrance if they start in any month besides September, 2015.

Screening Process (WAC 392-170-045)

The district will screen all students who were not screened in prior years, using the CogAT Screener. Students who rank above the 97th percentile on the screening will be sent a letter encouraging parents to consider nomination for highly capable services assessment.

Assessment Process (WAC 392-170-055)

The district will obtain written parental permission prior to conducting assessments to determine eligibility for participation in Highly Capable services.

Nominees identified for further testing through the screening process, nominations and applications will be evaluated using multiple objective criteria. The assessment process shall be based upon a review of each nominee's capability as shown by multiple criteria, from a wide variety of sources and data, intended to reveal each nominees' unique needs and capabilities.

The assessment criterion consists of both qualitative and quantitative instruments and may include the CogAT and other district based common assessments/data.

Nondiscrimination in the use of tests (WAC 392-170-060)

All tests and other evaluation materials used in teh assessment shall have been validated for the specific purpose for which theya re used in accurately reflect whatever factors the tests purport to measure. If properly validated tests are not available, the professional judgment of the qualified district personnel shall determine eligibility of the student based upon evidence of students' academic needs. This professional judgment shall be documented in writing.

Selection Process (WAC 392-170-070)

A Multidisciplinary Selection Committee will review data that has been collected for each of the nominated students. The Multidisciplinary Selection Committee is composed of: A special teacher; a psychologist or other qualified practitioner with the trainings to interpret cognitive and achievement test results; a certificated coordinator or administrator with responsibility for the supervision of the district's highly capable students; and additional professionals, if any, that the district deems desirable.

The Multidisciplinary Selection Committee will evaluate individual student assessment profiles to determine eligibility and to make the final selection for participation in the district's program for highly capable students.