For those of you who are returning to our district this year and for those who are new each Wednesday we have an early release in order for the staff of the district to take part in professional development, essential planning, and collaboration activities which support the education of your student(s). The Jr/Sr High School will release students from their final classroom on these days at 1:35 PM and you can expect the buses to leave campus around 1:45 PM. Practices which occur here in Morton or athletic buses for transportation to White Pass will more than likely occur between 3:00 PM and 3:15 PM.

The time between the bus departures of all students at 1:45 PM till the arrival of coaches for supervision at some point around or after 3:00 PM will occur with a closed campus. The district does not provide supervision for students at this time. Students are expected to leave campus till the time they are directed to return according to their athletic coach. The building, classrooms, library, gym, and all school grounds will be off-limits to students at this time. Each family will need to plan for this time accordingly and determine where their students will need to go at this time.