Photos of Morton Bus Garage

During the summer, KMB Architects reviewed Morton School District facilities. The reports identify facility issues for safety, projects for functionality or maintenance, and code requirements. 


The report for the bus barn found that the building "is in severe disrepair and is unsafe to continue using." 


Other priority issues include: 

  • The building has access problems due to a shared driveway with log trucks from the neighboring mill. The site is not big enough for bus parking.
  • It does not meet ADA requirements.
  • The walls and roof leak. During heavy rains, there is standing water in the bus bays. It lacks insulation. Vines grow through the cracks in the walls in summer. 
  • It has inadequate ventilation, heat and light and needs plumbing upgrades. Electrical systems do not meet current code standards. 
  • The structural systems are in poor condition. Load-bearing walls show signs of failure, and it does not meet seismic standards. 

The building was acquired in the 80s when the last bus barn fell into disrepair. It has been in service longer than initially planned.