Morton Elementary School

This summer, the state’s Chief Hazards Geologist released a report on 17 school buildings with urgent needs for seismic safety improvements. Morton Elementary School was selected based on high-risk findings in the phase 1 assessment released in 2017.

Phase 1 assessed the seismic safety of 22 permanent public K-12 schools. The stated goal was to “help districts, schools, parents, state legislature, OSPI, and the public better understand the current level of seismic risk at Washington school campuses. Public schools will need financial support to make the necessary changes highlighted here.”

The report is informational only, but it points out the high and increasing costs of seismic upgrades for older school buildings. Morton Elementary School was built in 1948.

Based on the age and structure of Morton Elementary, and the location in a shaking hazard zone, it was selected for a Phase 2 study, which provided a detailed engineering report and cost estimates.

This information is helpful in understanding the facility needs in the district. The district is reviewing facility needs and will release more information about the planning process this fall.

Read the Phase 1 Report

Read the Phase 2 Report